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Why GameStop Canceled Many Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Pre-Orders

Facebook Email Facebook Email Just a few days out from launch, GameStop canceled some pre-orders for the upcoming special edition PlayStation 4 bundle. The company’s initial reasoning was an “unforeseen issue,” but it later explained further on social media. @videogamedeals kingdom heart 3 ps4 pro orders getting canceled ???? pic.twitter.com/e8WltcBVrJ …

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Fuller House Cast Reacts To The End Of The Netflix Show

The young actress chose a photo of the cast applauding, presumably at the studio audience. It’s a happy glimpse of the actors all together, and we can only hope that the fifth season closes on an ending that has the characters looking just this happy. Former showrunner and creator Jeff …

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Looks Like Cardi B And Offset Are Getting Back Together

Facebook Email Facebook Email These past few months have been a rollercoaster for Cardi B and Offset. The musicians have loved and lost, and they officially called it quits towards the tail-end of 2018 — despite Offset’s efforts to rekindle their relationship. And while it looked unlikely that they would …

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Lil Wayne Suing Ex-Lawyer For Millions

Facebook Email Facebook Email Lil Wayne is looking to get a whole lot of money from his ex-lawyer, Ronald Sweeney. At least $20 million, to be more precise. The rapper believes he has been forced to give his lawyer more money than he deserved during their time together. And now, …

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Don’t Worry, The Kitty Pryde Movie Isn’t Dead

Facebook Email Facebook Email Before serialized storytelling and cinematic universes became commonplace, the franchise proved how profitable the genre could be. That franchise is still going strong today, with the main narrative picking up with . Despite it’s merger with Disney looming above, 20th Century Fox has begun expanding the …

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