Wednesday , September 18 2019


Ryan Reynolds Is Already Working On Deadpool 3

Facebook Email Facebook Email While comic book movies are everywhere, there are certain properties that have managed to find something totally unique, and stand out in the somewhat bloated genre. Chief among them is Ryan Reynolds’ franchise, which broke new ground with its R-rating, and has quickly become one of …

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Will Marvel Studios Finally Win An Oscar In 2019?

Facebook Email Facebook Email The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a dominating force at the box office for more than a decade now, but there is one area of Hollywood where the films have weirdly failed to find any success: the Academy Awards. Part of this stems from the fact …

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Looks Like DC’s Batman Movie Still Has No Title

Facebook Email Facebook Email The DC live-action universe has had a fascinating run in theaters. There’s been peak and valleys, although the future looks bright as the studio is floating on the massive success of James Wan’s . There’s an exciting slate of films ahead, including , , and . …

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