Wednesday , September 18 2019


Call Of Duty Thanks Fans For 10 Years Of Bestsellers

Facebook Email Facebook Email There’s no doubt that is a blockbuster franchise across any stretch of entertainment media. It’s managed to become a mainstay heavy-mover in the sales department since the seventh generation of gaming. Activision actually decided to thank fans for making the series the billion-dollar franchise that it …

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Montana Is Using Far Cry 5 To Promote Tourism

Facebook Email Facebook Email It’s rare that an entire city or state becomes part of the promotional material for a game, but it happens on occasion. San Francisco was the lifeblood of and Ubisoft made no reservations about using the setting to promote the game. The company also did something …

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Destiny 2 Crimson Days Reschedules Start Date

Facebook Email Facebook Email When Bungie and Activision split apart, the former announced that it would still support even without the publishing support of the latter. Bungie is holding true to that. And even though there have been some hiccups with the Crimson Days event, the developer has made sure …

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Fortnite Made An Insane Amount Of Money Last Year

Facebook Email Facebook Email Epic Games is constantly in the news for the success that is , sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. This time, however, the company is making headlines for how much money the Battle Royale-themed free-to-play shooter managed to rack up throughout 2018. According to Deadline, …

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The Division 2 Private Beta Is Coming In February

Facebook Email Facebook Email Ubisoft’s upcoming MMOTPS, , will have a thorough beta test ahead of its release in March for home consoles and PC. I don’t know how much Ubisoft will be able to get fixed in time for the March release, but there will be a private beta …

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Why God Of War Doesn’t Have More Bosses

Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard Facebook cinemablend Copy to clipboard is a massive game but, according to Director Cory Barlog, it was originally planned to be even bigger, boasting several additional boss fights. But crafting a truly epic boss battle requires a tremendous amount of resources, which Santa Monica Studio …

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