Wednesday , July 17 2019


Blue Ivy Looks Just Like Mom Beyonce At Age 7

The Instagram flashback finds Beyonce Knowles throwing up a photo from her childhood next to a picture of current-day Blue Ivy. The similarities in their appearance is striking. It’s apparent that as Blue Ivy continues to get older, she’s starting to look more and more like her mom. And Beyonce …

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Prince Philip Has Apologized To Other Driver In Recent Crash

Facebook cinemablend Email Facebook cinemablend Email A little over a week ago, Prince Philip was involved in a car accident. Miraculously, the 97-year-old high-standing member of British royalty walked away with no major injuries — even though his Land Rover was overturned by the collision. At first, it wasn’t immediately …

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Chris Pratt Sees Less Work And More Kids In His Future

Facebook cinemablend Email Facebook cinemablend Email Chris Pratt is a busy man. The A-list actor keeps himself occupied through a number of high-profile blockbusters, and it seems that he has a blooming career in his wake that continues to rise with each new project. But Pratt is a family man …

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No, The Grammy Winners Haven’t Been Leaked

Facebook cinemablend Email Facebook cinemablend Email If you were worried that the Grammy winners were spoiled well before the awards show was set to premiere on February 10th on CBS, don’t fret! According to the folks who run the awards show, Recording Academy, those alleged trophy takers were provided by …

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Artie Lange Says He Was Kidnapped Over Gambling Debts

Things haven’t always gone Artie Lange’s way. In fact, that might honestly be an understatement. The comedian/actor is typically at the source of trouble — often related to his vices, including drugs and gambling. And, he has wound up in more-than-a-few extreme circumstances throughout his 51 years on this planet. …

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