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Why Black Panther Deserved An Oscar Nomination Over Avengers: Infinity War

T'Challa Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Marvel
T'Challa Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Marvel

It’s A Self-Contained Movie

may have made his debut in , but there’s little to his presence in that film that is necessary to know prior to watching . Sure, someone who hadn’t seen may not know T’Chaka is dead going in, but things are explained in expeditiously enough that an audience can be brought up to speed without having to remember several key events from past MCU adventures.

Now, take , which requires a fair bit of MCU lore to accurately understand and care about. For example, someone who only caught the first movie would be lost as to why he and Loki are in space and on good terms. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as very few character introductions or situations in the movie aren’t a callback to events that happened in previous Marvel films.

This isn’t a huge deal to the current generation of moviegoers, but I can imagine there would’ve been future generations who questioned how a film that required knowledge on several other superhero movies prior to viewing managed to find its way into the conversation for Best Picture. , on the other hand, can be enjoyed and absorbed by even the most casual of audiences without a ton of research, which makes it the better candidate.

Killmonger Michael B. Jordan Black Panther Marvel

It Has Enormous Cultural Impact

may outshine in the all-time worldwide box office gross category, but one thing it can’t outshine the Marvel adventure in is the cultural impact it had. Its massive box office success showed African-American centered stories can connect with a mainstream audience and bring in big bucks. That wasn’t something necessarily known prior to, as is currently the only top 10 highest grossing film with a predominantly black cast.

That’s a big deal, and it’s fair to say ‘s success and achievements have shaped and will further convince Hollywood to cast minorities in major roles and tell more non-Euro-centric tales in the future. That’s quite a feat and game-changer folks may not have expected to come from a superhero film about a king who cosplays as a jungle cat when he fights crime.

certainly impacted the world and has inspired the industry to further explore shared universes, but it’s hard to put that impact on the same level as the things achieved. When there are people putting its cultural significance right up there with the election of America’s first black President, it feels wrong to call it “overrated” and diminish its claim to the title of Best Picture.

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Marvel

It Got Audiences Excited About A Lesser-Known Hero

Who in the world would’ve imagined before last year that Black Panther masks would be on store shelves right alongside Iron Man helmets and Captain America shields? Better yet, who would’ve thought that merchandise sales would surpass expectations and put a Marvel character who’s relatively obscure to the general public on the same ground as characters who’ve been on screen for a decade prior?

To lightly touch on cultural significance again, it got the general public excited and passionate about a black superhero. After generations of children growing up to cartoons and films with heroes like Batman and Superman, there is now Black Panther for kids of any ethnicity to look up to. That may not matter to everyone, but it almost certainly matters for the young child in search of a fictional role model who looks like them.

essentially had six years of hype, so anything less than massive success would’ve been considered disappointing. It feels wrong to harp on how the movie isn’t self-contained again, but it’s hard to really view this entry as a “Best Picture” when so much leg work went into filling it out in other films. The feat that Marvel pulled it off is impressive, but shouldn’t receive a Best Picture nomination solely because the film came together.

Thanos Avengers Infinity War Marvel

Sequels Rarely Win Best Picture

When it comes to sequels winning the Oscar category of Best Picture, the ratio of winners versus standalone features is far from “perfectly balanced.” In the history of the category, only two sequels (, and have taken home the honor. So even if did get a nomination, history shows the Academy’s voting wouldn’t lean in its favor.

Sure, could’ve been the film to defy the odds, but with films like overtaking for the win in years prior, the odds don’t even seem that great that could get the win. Granted, has a lot of relevance outside the world of superhero films that I’ve touched on before this, which certainly gives it a shot.

The simple truth is, Best Picture does not always go to the “most popular” film, and at the end of the day, that’s why some believe deserved the nod over . Perhaps if the Best Popular Movie Oscar ends up getting added to the list, will get the Oscar, but until that day who can fault the Academy for picking the film that has the best shot at winning?

I certainly can’t but I can respect the spirit of debate and open the floor to anyone who disagrees or has other points to make down in the comments below. Those looking for a less time-consuming method to express their opinion can simply vote in our poll, and get excited over the fact that all of Marvel’s collective Oscar nominations in 2019 are further evidence the world hasn’t grown tired of the MCU.

Did Black Panther Deserve The Best Picture Nomination Over Avengers: Infinity War?


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